HOUSE OFF is a house of creation and production. A laboratory that sees itself as being at the forefront; a creative collective team that accompanies individuals and re-oriets and re-shapes brands.

HOUSE OFF proposes a plan of action and invites you to stick with it in order to reap the profits. It is open to the world but knows when to go on the “Off” mode to preserve privacy and create special complicities with its collaborators and ts clients.

 HOUSE OFF is an idea of creativity with a strong artistic vision reaching 360 degrees. Those who win are those who preserve and follow a plan of action.

HOUSE OFF is linked to William Arlotti. His mother was a seamstress at the Galeries Lorraine, his uncle was a tailor who worked for himself, his father was an artist, and his grand uncle was a Director with Liliane France-Lesourd. With such a background, William fell into the “magic potion” at an early age. His memories include the sound of a sewing machine, visions of couture dresses in a workshop, perfumes and enveloping elixirs, the fragrance of lipstick, makeup and powder.

IUT Commercialisation Techniques from the University of Nancy II, followed by a B.A. and Masters in Information and Communication from the University of Metz, after obtaining his Superior Specialised Diploma in Fashion and Creation at the Lumière University of Lyon II.

William Arlotti, after his decisive meeting with Martine Leherpeur, left for Paris. He arrived in September 1997 to do his national service with the Ministry of Culture at the Drac IDF, City Policy.

William Arlotti then worked as a consultant for VITRIOL agency. He worked for large distribution chain brands such as Carrefour, in Food, such as for Pierre Hermé, in Fashion, such as for Chanel, and in Beauty, such as for l’Oréal. In charge of creation and communication at Procter and Gamble for Trussardi, Rochas and Gucci perfumes, his sharpened eye focused on three different areas of marketing. He worked then in close collaboration in central and operational international, from the beginning of the concept of all new products up to international events and launches.

Several years later, his collaboration with Remy Cointreau group and his new muse, Dita Von Teese, would turn him from the universe of perfumes to that of spirits.

In 2010, he joined BGN Studio as a Trendsetter to massively rethink the identity codes and reboot the brand, as much in form as in content, through both communication and creation. 

In his forties, and with the maturity of his past experiences, various professional platforms and meetings that have been so formative, William had the profound wish to create his own company, and thus founded HOUSE OFF.