Rallye Fashion circuits, with exclusive addresses to discover the Capital under a totally new angle and create a team bulding.

The different formulas can be adapted to fashion and cultural news, so as to meet the needs of a small group of up to a team.



Photo Stylist, look book, catalogue



Closet Archeology. We are going to sort through, organize and make the most of your wardrobe. If you feel submerged under all your things, your closet will be transformed to offer you basic classics and looks thaht can be mixed and matched 



For Makeovers, House Off prefers advice and building a personal Style. What’s the point of following trends just because they’re fashionable if they’re not for you? Style, or more accurately, your style, is what reveals your allure and enhances your “Self-Esteem”. 



House Off will develop a tailored program that is a “one-stop all-inclusive” solution, through a “Fashion Book” to be created together. We’ll use key words, colors, fabrics, photo-montage and illustrations in the form of workshops. These will be unique and “one-to-one”, in order to favor the evolutionary and instructive aspects through various “processes”.

In this way, you create and keep your very own “Road Book”.

Colour Workshop: Clothes Accessories Complexion Make-Up Hair Tones for creating a key range and a harmony of colors

Morphology Workshop

Style Workshop Through the Mood Board that we’ll create together

Mood Board and Paper Doll Workshop

Make-Up and Hair Workshop

Each module will be comprised of a Theory session in the morning 9h30-12h30 and instruction and practice in the afternoon 14h30-18h30  



We have a rendez-vous. On the one hand is our “fashion” expertise and on the other, your expectations, wishes, a desire to reveal your personality and create harmony: between your inside and your outside. We’re going to spend time together. It will be important during our First Interview, by means of a conversation, to take stock. HOUSE OFF places a particularly great stake on the human aspect; this “feeling” that makes all the difference and allows us to say “okay, we’re going to work on this together”. HOUSE OFF signs a confidentiality agreement before undertaking any collaboration regarding intimate and personal considerations. An exclusive moment of privilege and exchange.

This first moment of contact is complimentary. HOUSE OFF will accompany you to put you in the best light possible and to reveal who you are! Be visible, yet yourself.