HOUSE OFF is a Creative Collective Team. We work "Off", backstage... to put your success  "On" the top.

Cross over is the key of success too. Our strength is to break down barriers between world with intelligence to make a crossover between fashion, gastronomy, beauty, lifestyle, mixology. The target is to have experiences and sublimate brands and labels that trust us. The Lifestyle is the heart of our business


We breathe the era and work on your style. We create style books "ready to measure", accompanying your label in the construction of a fashion spirit and its global identity


We are building a comprehensive strategy, creation and communication over the long term and respect your Dna


Co-founder of digital magazine Le Fashion Post, we know the rules, habits and customs of social networks, by creating editorial content, viral, digital over value. This tools are associated with a digital strategy.


Artistic direction and creation of events like Designers-At reveal a first crossover between fashion-food-mixology and show our ability to innovate and bring all together diverse audiences.

William Arlotti - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Patrick Tomas - Art de Vivre, Gastronomy, Mixology, Hotel & Resort Business